Tuesday, 29 May 2012

when this girl sad~~~

im sad too~~ :( why?? err simple.... a person that you knew since you were small.. she must have been part of your life isnt it.. so when that particular person is sad u cant be happy.. so myra dont be sad! its ok! maybe bukan rezeki you dekat situ.. there are more places in this world better for you kay! put your trust to Allah and HAVE FAITH! :) SMILE :D

Dont suffer survive!
come hell or high water, giving up aint your option..
crying isnt only for crybabies and weakling :S
It shows that you are strong enough to show ur emotion! (Y) stand up speak out!

Grieving wont let you go if you keep it bottled (: i dont understand what am i writing but PEACE YO! *this is out of the topic* hahahahahahXD tak pasal2 lakk! :P

sincerely, Rosyiidah <3 SMILE KAY! im here with you :D

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