Saturday, 26 May 2012

26 May 2012

it might be the last outing for 5J ;( it shouldnt be no it shouldnt ): Alhamdulillah, i realised that i had great friends! i am sure that i will miss them too ;) yeah! we had lunch, movie together at sunway.. and zoooom we went to paradigm! the newly open shopping mall.. sunway was fun BUT paradigm nahh i think i should go there in a few months time.. but their surau is awesome! hahah.. so lets start withhh
yeah! we dont wanna waste our time together not even a second so while waiting for the others to come me, ama, izzati, isaac went to the arked! woohoo played game there the problem is they swallowed 1 coin of mine nahh i dont care! at least i played one game! yeah!

amaaa!! b4 the machine stopped ! hahahah

concentrate yaww ;)
and then, i forced izzati and ama to eat baskin robbin with me hahahhaha! lol i actually in love with that cheese strawberry thingy hahah;D

and then we had luch in MC donald had a farm eyaaa eyaa yoooo ;D i miss those days when i entered the class and start fighting with arif and we did fight in mc donald while waiting our turn to place the order :D hahahha

and next after salah i went to cinemaaaa :D Men In Black3 i awesome, touching! its just that i didnt follow that movie so i was quite blur but somehow i get it! hahah.. owh and ama n izzati leave me behind in the cinema with that two boys bullying me ;( 

yeah! i miss victoria a lot! thanks vic for the advice ;) yeah i am scared :3 thank you sooo much! arghh! 

yeah! i miss those girls too <3

i thought it will be awkward but when kimy, tado, arif, noah is there no awkward :D hahahhahah yeah! i miss them soo muchhhhh :D everyone in this pic! yeahhh! i miss all of them...weee woooo wuuuu waaa hahhaahahah.. and then we went to paradigmand we were lost on our way out! hahahahhah isaac! lol! b4 isaac speed up! and crush the bump and we were like in our own made sunway lagooon wooohooo hahahaha... we are like sardines in cans :D hahahhah overloaded people in city! hahahahh had lots of fun! thanks guys! :D

special thanks to isaac for fetching and sending me home (;  
 griifin said something in MIB3 : the bitterness of truth is better than sweetness of lies <3 yeah! :D so i didnt lie to my mum that i went to paradigm hahahahha :D love ya guys so much! make sure there is a next outing!

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