Sunday, 20 May 2012

Alhamdulillah, i dont care if none wish me for my bday when my mum does it makes the whole day (: yeay! heheh... so it was 16 may 2012 when i went back to JB... hahahah my aunts never forget my bday hahahah.. thanks mak cik and maklong for the wishes too.. so went back to JB to help with the potong jambul.. yeah! it was extremely FUN! i think its fun just because i gain too much heheh.. so this is how it goes when i sit at mak tok's house i am always entertained by arief of coz heheh.. and the cute adiel hihihih * iloveseeinghimsmile* so arief asked me to play a game which i dont understand at all.. not even a thing

now you get what i mean??? hihihih so the journey goes on ekh wait! my mum surprise me with 

yeay! cupcakes thanks mak!!!

and yeah went to maklong's house to help with the goodies hmmm

yeah! there is a cup, marble cake and bahulu in it! yeay! did that with kak yeen, and maklong.. then i went to buy bunga hancur with maklong.. and yeah! i found something new and CUTE!

say hello to azhar!!!!! hihihi this is azhar he is awesome! he just got a brother azzam :D and i know exactly how he feels yeah! azhar! he is little boy! good boy! jyeah!!! we spent time together.. he was excited as he saw his face moving on my handphone screen so this is what is it all about! he loves aeroplane! and he has a weird hobby which is to throw things on the house roof! hahahahhahahah he threw his aeroplane! awwww wrong place to landing so cant help with it! hihihih i wasnt that close with azhar so yeah! i enjoyed spending time with him!

and lastly bunga rampai!!! 

thats all!

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