Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Sometimes we just need someone to appreciate us,

Its just a matter of saying thank you…
A matter of appreciation. Well
Have you ever :
-          Wake up early to wake the others?
-          Prepare your kids/ siblings/ niece or nephew to school?
-          Do your own laundry?
-          Cook your own meal every single day?
-          Iron your own shirt?
-          Do the house chores on your own?
Well if you say you did it on your own, have you ever did it for other peoples? Isnt it tiring? Heheh.. Well, if you haven’t try I’ll suggest you to do so. Why? Because this explains the best meaning of appreciation. Sometimes when we try to do all of the above on our own then we know what our mother did for us every single day yet no complaint and sigh heard from them. We can scold them over the awful taste of their dishes without realizing that we can never find the exact taste of their handmade dishes and it is totally different in the restaurant.  We complaint that they woke us up late when we can set our own alarm. We can complaint because of them we are late to school but actually it is not their fault. We complaint that our clothes are still not wash when we actually can do it on our own. We complaint that the shirt are not properly iron but we have a lot of leisure time to facebooking and play online games. We complaint that our own room are unorganized when we can clean it up the way we like it to be.

But what mothers do? They keep themselves strong and ignore the complaints and make the best out of it. Well, sometimes mothers need their own space for themselves. They are also normal human being like us. So we should thank our mothers because they have successfully raise us up.

Mak, saya sayang mak! Tak tipu! Betul sayang sangat2! Sorry I know I always make you feel sad and angry of course but that doesn’t lower down your love for me and I know that! Mak im sorry again because ive never been like what you want me to be. Thank you so much for everything its impossible for me to repay you back. Mak you are so strong going through all those challenges for us thank you for being by my side all the time, May Allah bless you And Insyaallah Heaven for you AMEEN

Yours sincerely,
Nur Rosyiidah.

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