Friday, 6 April 2012

i love him so much!

i was supposed to drive the car this evening with my brother as my instructor today as im not good in handling steering than my mum said NO! :( im jealous of everyone who got an awesome sibling like all my friends... my siblings is a challenge for me how much i can hold on.. but he is one of a kind to me... hakem <3 his name is hakim actually heheh.. we didnt talk much but i love when we talk! thanks for spending time with me although its like errr 10 minutes i guess short period right?? we need to hangout more! heheh i just want you to see that i love you so much! everytime you play the guitar and i'll sneak behind your doors hearing every note that you play. do you remember when you hold me tight when our sister being hit by our father? do you remember that you called me a baby monkey when i was a baby? do you remember when you reversed mom's car before she sent me to kindergarten and i got excited and now when i reversed the car my mum scream like the sky is falling.. heheh do you know that i got excited everytime its may 6? because its your birthday and the difference between your birthday and mine are 10 days :D yeay! but when you told me that you are only coming back once a month it was a heartbreaking story ;( since you are transferred to ipoh i was always waiting for weekend  for you to come back :( well i guess this is life? im going to further up my studies soon so i guess it will be harder for us to meet :(  
i couldnt cancel the friendship it is supposed to be siblingship :x

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