Tuesday, 17 April 2012


hurmmm i always got problem about aurat especially when balik kampung! arghhhhh -.-

Have pity on the brothers
this is how it should be
but sometimes i 
- didnt wear socks (most of the time)
- didnt wear scarf that cover my hair
-sometimes i wear jeans which is tight *imsorryiveonlyjeansformetowear:(*
-hands! yup hands sometimes my sleeve is short
err yeah! i have this problem :( well im still learning how to cover my aurat. please do tell me if im wrong somewhere and yes im having problem. please pray for me so that i can cover my aurat perfectly just the way Islam asked us to do. and yes when i balik kampung the biggest problem is I LIVE UNDER THE SAME ROOF WITH MY COUSINS -.- well actually i dont mind but im just figuring it out how to solve this problem. i dont want to be today i cover perfectly and the next day no hijab *get what i mean?* Ya Allah Help Me :( and yes last but not least *enjoy!*

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