Sunday, 25 March 2012

anxious :(

i have no idea.. im lost in my own world... come on!!! wake up! big challenges waiting for you.. i really miss Masjidil Haram and Masjidil Nabawi... i miss the peacefulness that i got there. i miss that ice cream beside the hotel.. im really anxious... i dont know why.. i didnt have any single idea why am i behaving like this.. im not in the reality world... im hanging in my own world dont know which way to go... Ya Allah help me! i dont feel good :( Ya Allah im not strong, i admit im not strong, Ya Allah please help me.. AMEEN

Ya Allah Help Me :(

plz bare that in mind

Insyaallah i want to be like this.. Ya Allah help me ;(

Alhamdulillah another reminder :) just like what ustz kamal said

Ya Allah I Trust You With The Whole of My Heart.. Ya Allah dont let anyone take  Your place as no 1in my heart I beg You ;(

help me Ya Allah I Want to change

i dont need a guy who bring me further than Allah i just need  one who always remind me of Allah which is missing nowadays


Alhamdulillah He gave me challenges in life because He loves me Insyallah. Ya Rab I beg You for the hidayah


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