Friday, 16 March 2012

when my heart goes so empty

finding and keep finding.. never lose hope but keep on finding my way... then i felt like i wanna stop studying.. huh how am i going to tell tis to my mum? coz what i wanna do now is learn more about islam... because i felt happy when i am studying about my religion and i can feel the peaceness when i do so.. i did tell her that i feel like taking usuluddin.. she said its better for me to look out for other subjects that provide me a large field of occupation + i dont take extra agama subject in spm.. huh -.- Insyaallah i believe that Allah has a better plan for me..
Allah understands
so keep on praying (:
If you can bow down to Allah
bare that in mind please Nur Rosyiidah
Searching for happiness
my sins are like the sand at the beach but Allah forgiveness are like the whole  earth  and sky :D
Keep Allah your priority
satisfy Allah first then only we think about the others?
Trust me
when sometimes i had no one to talk to i'll go to Him and tell what am i feeling.. im not satisfy that i only remember Him when i am in trouble.. i wish to change that part ;(
Allah wouldnt give you a challenge unless you are ready to go through it (:

Ya Allah I wish i could stay at your house and keep praying that you will forgive my sins and until i really can go through all the challenges in this worldd ;( Ya Allah i need you for everything.. i admit my weakness

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