Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Past 2 weeks...

so this is my first experience went faaar away hahah... well it takes aroung 9-10 hours of flight including the transit... so i went to jordan first.. so yeahh jordannn

so i slept at the dead sea spa hotel the first night after my tour went to Madaba, Nebo and the shopping part.. but the best part was the hotel. it was cold as you know we live in malaysia so when i went out of the airport and im freezing cold... so the beach is the dead sea... the first time i put in my hand and feet and it feels soapy and i dont dare to taste it heheh :D
well guess what? i didnt take so many pictures..weird isnt it i am a picture crazy girl and i dont take lot of picture -.- sad case isnt it?
so you guys are wondering why i didnt wear tshirts like use to right??? so here is the story..

Palestine is a beautiful country.. the environment there is so different from Jordan... so as we reach there we went to visit Nabi Musa's makam.. makam is a memorial place as in the prophet used to go there not a burial place now only i know hahhah. so our aim was to go to the Aqsa mosque...the first day our tour guide said that the bad weather surrounding Jerusalem.. so we didnt go.. then we planned with ustaz kamal to go early morning in subuh.. and we didnt make it.. it was raining although not heavily but it was soooo extremely cold.. so when the tour guide brought us to the visit jerusalem like places Hebron, Bettlehem.. our ustaz say no. we want to go to the mosque. then everyone agreed to go.. Yes! it was raining and extremely cold.. as what the tour guide say it was raining + snow :O but we dont care... we took aroung 20 minutes walking to the Aqsa mosque with the coldness.. yes we made it sad part that was the first visit and we couldnt go there anymore coz the tour guide said the boarder are closing early as they are celebrating festival... ;( sad sad sad case coz i thought of snapping pics the next visit as it was raining at that time... and i didnt bring my dslr.. i used my hp camera so i didnt want to spoil my hp as that is the only way for me to contact home hahah since my mom's hp cant go for roaming... so yeahh.. that visit makes me freeze like crazy and i couldnt feel my hand and face its like frozen already.. and right here i wanna say that Alaqsa mosque is the grey kubah.. the inside is in the picture up there.. the one with golden yellow kubah is the dome of the rock.. there is the hanging stone in the israk mikraj.. they claimed that it is not hanging and put the cement on the side and they dig a hole down there.. actually it is hanging.. please if you have an oppurtunity to go there please go do not be afraid of the soldiers just go and pray in al aqsa.. so i went back after spending 3D2N there..
and Madinah here i come (: hahahah so Madinah is an awesome place.. i feel so undescribedable there hahahah.. well it feels good to go to the Nabawi mosque.. well no worries about the language all the arab there speaks malay and indon so i think no problem to shop but remember the aim which is to go for prayer at the Nabawi mosque everytime solat fardhu.. Next Makkah... nice place but i hate that tower.. i feel like it is a robot that are going to destroy the beautiful of Kaabah. Alhamdulillah i khatam once there after 3 years i know thats bad but yeahh Alhamdulillah.. And it is crowded there really crowded 24/7 hrs.. u can go early in the morning u can find people sleeping.. u can go late at night people wont stop going.. when you go for tawaf the people there especially the kelly and mumble love to push others aside and the main problem is please lahh u are doing your ibadah in front of Kaabah please stop recording or taking pictures... just forget about the world for a while and do the best in your ibadah.. this is not to show your families and friends that you have been there and you are really proud of it NO! please! wake up this is to show that you bring your body full of sins to repent and turn into a new leaf.. please mind your tawaf and remember that God is watching you.. you are at His place.. so please think about it. u can take pics but after u have done everything.. i really mean everything! OK! hahah.. well i know im not perfect but that is just my opinion (: so people please vesit the mosque.. Insyaallah if u have time and money please go and visit go and feel the experience.. dont mind how much you need to spent but think how much Allah gave you and how much did you pay Him back (: which i think we did nothing to pay him back :O so work out on our ibadah (: May Allah accept our ibadah (;

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