Wednesday, 15 August 2012

All The Way Through Ramadhan (:

Alhamdulillah im back home (: Spent 2 months in PALAM gave me thousand memories (; Alhamdulillah the adaptation goes smoothly. I really miss nano, ama, myra, aidil, ami, izzati, mai... they really mean a lot to me.. yes i miss them to the max! uwaaaaa we should meet up one day kay ;( alrite! sooo lets begin with my life in palam :D

everyday in Ramadhan i will wake up @ 5.. there is one time i woke up at 5.45.. alhamdulillah manage to sahur :D well usually at 8 i'll wait for raja in front of the house and we'll walk together to the class.. well i love to talk about my class but i'll talk about it later hihi :3 sooo ive.. taking foundation in science is never easy.. Alhamdulillah im still adapting to the new environment... yes! im the one who always sleeps in the lecture hall.. hihi.. yeah! thats me.. thats why i fail chemistry and physics in my test 1! hihi Alhamdulillah again Allah gave me awesome lecturer and tutor! its my first time enjoying physics in uni... Alhamdulillah hj mat made it! he made me feel happy in learning physics.. he made me cry in his class letting me watch his video.. subhanallah! May Allah bless all my lecturer.. thanks abah (: i'll try to do my best in foundation! Insyaallah (:

owhhh this is my housemate :D
dini and ira hmmm I MISS FIFA :(
MIA pika, adlina, kiera, kak shima :( masa jamuan berbuka dgn sultan selangor @ UiTM Shah Alam

Dini teman me wear jubah :D thanks dini (:
Im like the youngest in the house just because how i love to be treated like :D i dont know why but im sooo manja in that house... i feel that is pretty annoyying :( hihi Alhamdulillah they are willing to.. Dini is like my sister in that house.. we share stories and yeah gossips :D hihi  she helped me a lot in studies especially.. whenever i want to study i'll go to her room and scream DDDIIIIINIIII!!!! hihi.. although we are not in the same clas but we are in the same lecture so i guess that is one of the reason why we are close maybe? Insyallah.. I really hope this friendship will go smoothly till the end...

YEAY! the climax part! le class! i wont post the class pic as ive post one in my previous entry.. soo as Ramadhan come most of the class have their own iftar. Thanks to Raihan as she was the one who suggested this place D Mangga in Sg Buloh i guess.. Steamboat was awesome! the tom yam the food, ice cream! hihihi

we A3 girls :D
way back to PALAM ~

iftar @ D Manggis

felt like excited electrons! look at yoleee! hahah

hey there! this is Miss Laily she is my mentor <3

plz dont see this pic while fasting thank you (:

had an awesome night with them.. somehow reminds me of 5J... BBQ night?? remember?? i really miss arif, tado, kimy and noah :( owhh wait heikal too! ehh nizar pun! wait jonny and issac also... vicky mestilah! ehh adibah and kosh, reanu! owhh yess! miss them though~ yeah! from the bottom of my heart i would like to wish everyone Happy Ramadhan.. Ramadhan is leaving us so lets use the time for us and Allah.. lets strive for the best for this last few days of Ramadhan :D hoping that i can manage my time well this last Ramadhan, my heart feels so empty i dont know why :(

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