Thursday, 21 June 2012


Alhamdulilllah for another barakah day.. Alhamdulillah Allah gave me the chance to live today to correct yesterday's mistake.. Insyaallah i will do better in life Ameen.. well jum'ah, a day that i love since i was primary school student.. and Alhamdulillah i still love jum'ah till right now.. when we talked about jum'ah i felt this sad feeling.. i have no idea why, but it just came naturally.. when i remember jum'ah i will remember the day i was in Makkah and Palestine.. its true being in Makkah, Madinah and Palestine is a dream. But you dont realise you're in the dream until it is over ;( flashing back those moments really make me feel so sad.. I feel good to be there.. Alhamdulillah..But A bit frustrated when i cant get into the Raudhah due to some reasons but seriously the feeling being in those places is not the same and can never be the same like anywhere else.. feeling so jealous with Ustaz Amin that he can go to those places most of the time and ive only been there once :( Well, Insyaallah I will go back to Aqsa once ive finish studying, and Insyaallah i want to help my brothers and sisters there.. Insyaallah.. And i want to work in Makkah as a doctor Insyaallah work there, and help my brothers and sisters there during haji and umrah.. Insyallah.. May my dreams come true.. Ameen. And not forgetting the blessed city, Madinah Al-Munawwarah insyallah i want to go there again to meet my lover there.. Insyaallah.. Allah, I thank you for this feeling that really make me miss Makkah, Madinah and Palestine.. Alhmadulillah.. when i graduated from my primary school my teacher once said ' if you want to be a doctor be a muslim doctor'. Insyaallah, May Allah guide me to the right path and strengthen my Iman.. Insyaallah Ameen.. Crying in the sujud feeling like there is nothing else exists between you and Allah.. Subhanallah try it dear brother and sister you will never regret Insyaallah.. 

Dome of the rock.. nearby Masjidil Aqsa.. Yes, i miss and love  Palestine (;

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