Thursday, 14 June 2012

how much i miss those moments ;)

well being in university as a foundation student was never an easy task for me.. it might take some time to adapt to a totally new environment.. new environment, house, friends.. but! i cant never forget those moments when i need to wake up at 5 and go to school at 6.50. role call, class, assembly how can i possibly forget about those moments.. never! heheh.. actually i miss my friends soo much! but i miss my mum more ;D  i miss my cats too!
i miss you guys so much ;)

nanooooo ;)

this crazy guys :D

but life goes on without them, those memories were kept safely with password deep inside my heart (;


new friends, housemate and class ;( well it should be fun! so pray to Allah that everything gonna be fine! Insyaallah.. Please pray for me yaww ;) i miss those moment in masjidil haram back then it was a jum'ah and dhuha.. subhanallah (:

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