Friday, 15 June 2012

a person called male~~~

dear mr whoever you are, why did you break my friend's heart??? why?? i dont mind if you break mine to replce hers.. thats bad! you just dont know how hurt does that feels like.. you bad boy! go away from her life! i'll make sure she get a new one better than you! ;(
thats the main reason why i hate guys! you guys really think that we are your slave isnt it?? we can live on our own! we dont need you in our life! you should be aware of that! you are not our heart that we cant live without! you are not oxygen that we need to breathe in every second! im sorry! you guys have been too much! enough! do you think our heart are like shirts??? that we can buy a new one.. you are totally wrong! 
AARGGHHH!!! perempuan tidak lemah lah weyh! ktorang ada Allah! Allah buat satu surah dlm Al Quran yg dinamakan An Nisa.. perempuan itu diangkat martabatnya dalam Islam! please respect us! dont hurt our feelings! that is the only thing i need from a guy! stop hurting our feeling! we are human! we have feelings! Allah tak suruh pun buat mcm tu Nabi lagi menghormati perempuan.. tabarakallah

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