Monday, 13 February 2012

My silence is just another quote for my pain (:

Ive been quite hot tempered lately.. yes, i did cry a lot :( i cried because i thought after spm life would be rather relaxing but it turn out the wrong way. im deeply hurt. i really miss my friends. i miss lepaking with them. i miss the moment when i enterd the class, and everyone smiled but this one crazy boy will start pick a fight with me.. im rather ill right now = slight fever+flu+sore throat. Yes im really sad at the moment. i keep thinking that i cant go through this kind of situation. It is so not me. Im just not being my real personality. I cried and keep on crying. Why am i choosen to go through this kind of situation. Yes! Im sad! really sad :( im not strong! i admit that like seriously. i cried hoping to feel better but this situation slowly killing me.. when im sad i'll hold my tears. until i really cant take it anymore. i'll burst into tears which may end half end hour later.. Ya Allah please show me the way. Ya Allah i begged you please show me the way. I cant help it anymore.. ive no one to talk to. 1 kid has spoiled my life. everyone said im a bad girl.. let me repeat it again im not patient enough to take a 2 years old child who love to scream and likes to pretend that he is innocent.. and everyone keep accusing me. im not that strong. when i cry i would either be in my rooms or with my cats (: at least they dont hear what i said at least they knew im sad although they didnt do anything for me at least they make me smile. what i need now is just a couple of minutes for me to put my head on someone's shoulder and cry.. i need some space. i need sometime. Ya Allah i begged you for your guidance, please give the the strength. Ya Allah i believe in you and your power i know that you know every single feelings and ups and downs ive gone through. There is no one else for me to go to except you. Ya Allah i really begged for ypur guidance please show me the way (:

did i mention that i love cats??? YES! i love them (: my pretty bert and tom, my hero jot and bobo (: i also have juls, ak, plastic, ac, tiger and tk... well i love them all. at least they never make me cry (;

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