Sunday, 5 February 2012


my travel agency (:
All Praises to Allah (:

Alhamdulillah (: All praises to Allah :) One visa is done 1 more to go! My friends and families i really hope for your prayer for me and my mum.. Insyaallah we are going on this 27 Feb.. Please pray for our safety and our health. Im holding a big responsibility all the while when im there.. Insyaallah this is my first time travel that far for Ibadah. May Allah make it easier for me and the others. Really hope that you can sedekah your dua for everyone while we are there. Dua for us to go there easy and come back easy. Yes im didnt have much ilmu but Insyaallah i will use all the ilmu that ive learn there till the end of my life.. Very high risk of going but I believe death are at Allah's hand. If we die in their hand which means its all destiny.. Insyallah i will do my very best upon this 2 weeks of ibadah... Again i really hope for your dua(:

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