Thursday, 12 January 2012

my 1 day love

hihih went to an event! omg! i love the way he teach! i love the way he makes jokes! then off to the dreamland and still think about him. DAMN i hate that! it just interrupt my life hahah! i started to find his fb ----> owhh yeah found it! ----> oh no! his in relationship! -----> started laughing -----> i knew we can never be together
from the beginning... hmmm i dont feel sad at all :P thats funny! it looks like experience taught me enough of choosing the right man in life. experience told me to never think of love! experience told me to LOVE ALLAH! experience told me to success in my life than think about this lovey dovey thingy! So im still learning how to LOVE ALLAH! im still learning everything! OK! so now you know why i didnt feel anything when everyone got their couple except me :D i want a guy who respect me as a woman. i want a guy who is loving caring and loves kids coz im not in love with kids. i want a guy who really understand me and accept me the way i am not asking me to be anyone else. i want a guy that will pray for me in every prayer, does not tear off when im dead, put me into the liang lahad and tell the earth to accept me as a mukmin, and doesnt give his love to me at the first place but put Allah, Rasulullah, his parents and can i be next? im a jealous person! VERY! and im very SENSTIVE! so can anyone fulfill this characteristics and i accept him in my life. money doesnt make me happy but the people whom i'll be living with will make me either happy or sad. i think thats kinda too much :P PUT ALLAH AND RASULULLAH FIRST! everything in your life would be easier thats all i need (:

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