Saturday, 21 January 2012

january 2012 (:
i dont know how many times i cried.. how much i hurt.. how much i felt despair n everything goes wrong..
Last night i had a dream. a really wonderful dream. i think that would be the best dream ever. Alhamdulillah, Thank You Allah for that dream. that dream last night make me stronger as it make me feels Allah still loves me. Allah wants me to repent and turn to the right path. Allah shows that He was testing my faith. either i'll choose nafsu or iman. Today a spirit came into me. the spirit said never lose hope. keep on with ur patience.. cry to Allah. Ask for Allah forgiveness. Lead ur life in the proper way. the islamic way. i am patiently waiting for my rainbow to come. Today i said to myself smile when u feel like crying. u have been crying almost everyday so now stop crying. Remember Allah who always be by ur side when needed. Its still not too late to turn trying to be a better person. pray for me (: 27 February 2012 i'll patiently wait for you.. Insyaallah everything will go just fine.. i thought of letting one of my friend know what is going on with that date.. im choosing only ONE at least if anything happen to me there is someone know about it (: owhh SPM result i might not make it :( but the 27 Feb mission is so much more important so im just gonna pray hard so that i'll get good results (: AMEEN :)

kadang-kadang Allah bagi hujan turun,
kita tanya mana matahari,
rupa-rupanya Allah nak bagi kita pelangi (:

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