Thursday, 1 December 2011


well, actually i knew him since i was small. He is a really great person, a good leader, a romantic husband, well u name it he complete all of those. Once i told my mum can i marry him?? just because i had said there will be NO ONE can melt my heart like he did. I REALLY ADMIRE HIM. he knew me although i didnt even knew him. he  LOVES me b4 i could even love him. At the end of his life, he even called for all of us UMMATI! UMMATI! UMMATI!. How can my heart be tough enough to say no from loving him. He went through all kind of challenges so that i can say that IM PROUD TO BE A MUSLIM! Even in the future he will help me to go to heaven. INSYALLAH. its just the matter that did i do enough to repay him. the answer will be I CAN NEVER PAY HIM BACK. he did A LOT for me. He did left me something b4 he died sunnah and Quran. I can never lost with this two guidance. YAA RABB, THANK YOU FOR GIVING ME A GOOD AND GREAT LEADER. I REALLY WANT TO MEET HIM. YA RABB PLZ MAKE IT A REALITY. AMIN. law kana bynana... i would be very happy (:

well the answer for the question that i asked my mom.. IT IS A NO!! why not?? im not good enough for him. im so full of sin but he never did anthing wrong in life because he is PERFECT. yesterday the ustaz told me in his speech :
- Jangan berangan ingin menjadi isteri Rasulullah jikalau engkau tidak sehebat Siti Khadijah.
well im nothing compared to Siti Khadijah. Now realised who i am but i will never stop loving him. PEACE BE UPON YOU YA RASULULLAH SAW AND YOUR FAMILY...

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