Thursday, 29 December 2011


people often say dont write love on the beach coz the wave will wash it away... write ur love in ur heart coz it will never be depleted...

experience made me to be aware of every single feelings toward a guy. i knew how hurt it can be when the person we love betray us. i knew how hurt it would be when we tried to tell the real situation to the person we love but they thought we lied. i knew each and every single feelings when a person we love hurt our feelings.. so i made a decision... i dont wanna love someone until that person really loves me (;

when he texted me i'll jump up and down to my handphone. i'll keep smiling while reading every single word he wrote.. but i knew we can never be together. because i write my love for him on the beach so that the wave will wash it away. im just too scared to be hurt coz the experince teach me to love my self before loving others.. now the main thing is i need to find my way how to love ALLAH before loving myself... LOVE FOR ALLAH WHICH WILL NEVER END (:

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