Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Its Over!!!!

Well let me tell you something about this school. Ive never wanted to come to this school actually. Maybe it is all because of ... HAHAH. In a blink of eye it is already 5 years!!! SERIOUSLY I ADMIT THAT MY IMPRESSION ABOUT THIS SCHOOL CHANGE!!! 1 word AWESOME!! (Y) our class is just like a family. we shared stories, we laughed @ each other, we celebrate party AND we even had our own outing. SERIOUSLY this class would be the first that i'll miss especially those boys who sometimes really break me into pieces but actually they are the one who always give me chance to laugh and smile. Well im so gonna miss this high school moment <3 So today a very historical day, all of us completed our secondary school life. I still cant believe it ended that fast. IM SO GONNA MISS U GUYS!!!!

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