Saturday, 27 July 2013

Love In The Air (part II)

ok how should i start? hurmmm.. ok.. hurmm :| i dont know how should i start.. its something i would say lumrah for us to fall in love? yeahh.. every single human being on earth has this feeling called love.. i would say a person is a monster without love hihi.. so there will be a time when we surrender every single thing for our love rite? of course we always want the very best for our beloved ones rite? especially when we have been in love for quite some time.. that person would be our world.. thats why people called love is blind am i right? yes.. love is blind.. when we fell for someone we would give everything.. our time, money, our soul, and even ourself.. we surrender it to that particular person.. just like romeo and juliet? its when true love occurs people would do insane things to be together including committing suicide.. well no committing suicide is haram :3 take note it is haram! hihi but the main point i wanna say is that person is in our heart.. they own it.. they mean every single thing to us.. 

let me quote what she wrote " if being in love means our life are in pieces and we are completely broken, miserable, hardly able to function, and willing to sacrifice everything chances are its not love..  if love for something makes us willing to give up our family, self respect, sanity, peace of mind our deen and even our Lord who created us from nothing know that we ARE NOT IN LOVE.. we are SLAVES..

when you think you are falling in love.. try ask this questions : have you ever forget about the world when you go for solat five times a day? well that means a date with Allah.. do this so called true love brings you towards Allah or away  from him? do take your own sweet time to think..True love would never contradict or compete for one's love for Allah.. when someone leave us and our world turn upside down try ask yourself is Allah in you heart or that person own your heart? 

I knew someone who really love this guy.. yeah they were together but she decided to stop their relationship for Allah. it was heartbreaking for me myself to see her can i call you lost your mind? haha but she really did.. even that guy felt miserable.. well i dont have any experience on relationship so i guess its fine for me to use her as my example? i guess :3 yes they were so in love.. when she decided to stop contact this guy, they went miserable... and what i can only say to her is kalau jodoh awk mmg dgn dia tak kiralah awk kat kutub utara dia kat kutub selatan you guys are going to end up together.. this girl was a brave one.. she did that for Allah.. May Allah bless her effort and grant her reward she wouldnt expected.. they even came to a conclusion of getting married.. and right now i can say she is doing fine i hope so.. both of them.. those struggles she went through i know it hurts.. but if i could advice right now i would say true love wont make you be like a drug addict.. its hard i know, step by wicked step hihi i know you can do this and she had already made it :D 

When Allah is in our heart, every single thing that happen it would not let us down.. but we will continue to raise higher :D insyaallah.. even the world let us down as long as Allah is with us does that even matter? No more.. it doesnt matter as long as Allah is with us.. life in this world is like a traveller.. well i used to say but i didnt feel that.. i know there is a life in hereafter but no single action was taken for me to get to my real destination.. its like travelling in the dessert and you stop by oasis? that is not your destination its just a pit stop.. every single time the world knock us down try to remember jannah, our destination.. so i guess thats what ive gain from reading the book (: change now coz its never too late? yeahhh :) lets set our aim is Jannah.. struggle to empty the heart from this world.. Let Allah fill our heart (: im just a beginner.. i have no idea whats gonna happen to me later on :( so do pray for all of us :) and yeahh! its second half of Ramadhan wish you all happy beribadah? lets seek for forgiveness.. we dont wanna left with nothing after Ramadhan ends :( set our aim and start working.. May Allah bless you 

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