Saturday, 13 October 2012

A3.. one word could describe you guys are AWESOME! you guys rocks! thanks for the awesome memories! Alhamdulillah im so blessed to have you guys as my classmates..
our class with mentor miss laily
throughout my journey here, you guys just make me happy! thank you! we went through a lot ups and downs together.. we went through the stress moments and happiness together.. alhamdulillah, Allah just make it easier for us.. its end of sem1, insyaallah i will continue my journey here really hoping to do so.. Raja, hahah my bestie in palam..  thanks jeje for everything.. thanks for supporting me, giving advice, through thick and thin.. im so blessed to have a friend like you.. our R-R single bond shouldnt end here in foundation hihi.. Raihan thanks for everything too :) thanks for your advice! Insyaallah if we have free time lets go to broga's hill! :D ran always give me support.. she wouldnt stop supporting me from behind.. she knows what to say every single time.. thank ya! thats like triple R bond hahah! mely!!! you like to hurt me laah! hahahah! but thats ur way i know! hahahaha! i know u love me! hihihihi lolie~ and yaya! sabahan friend of mine! she taught me how to layan lagu jiwang andai ku dapat intan permata ku pilih senyumanmu~ hihihi

remember when we are too stressed up for finals and we went for bowling? yes! that was an awesome time! setia city mall is like the only place for the palamians to lepak huhu! i somehow fall for the typo stall cool stuff! perfect place to find a present for bestie! huhu but still dont get any of it for ama and nano:( 
remember echa's bday? we went to mcd? hahah

it was a hard and long day~ we end up in mcd, petronas, loitering in front uitm.. waiting for the bus to come! hahah! mcd is like ours! lolie~ 

and yes! again! our class is camerawhore! hahahah.. yeah! my class is always addicted to camera! dont know why.. but it is still awesome!

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